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Marillion Weekend 2007
2007 Logo Center Parcs Port Zelande, Ouddorp, Netherlands
2-5 February 2007
This year's Charity Book raised £2200 for the QAS charity for disadvantad children in South America. Extra special thanks to Paul Baines for his wonderful matching donation.
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Your Letters

Imagine a whole weekend of your favourite band, all your friends and family there and even more new friends to meet. Imagine the best Marillion gig in History. Then stop imagining. Because it all happened. Simply superb and I loved it. Where do I sign up for the next one? Mark, Edinburgh

It was quite simply the best weekend of the three I've attended so far, for lots of reasons - The vibe was wonderful, the people were so friendly, the Center Parcs staff were very polite and helpful - mMore than anything, I got to hear "Blind Curve" live, which I've been wanting to hear / see performed since I became a fan (at ten years old!) in 1985. That has to be my own personal, most amazing Marillion moment, ever. Thank you all so much! Moya Clifford, UK
What a weekend. Just when you thought the band couldn't top what had gone before they pull off a weekend that tops all others. Wasn't too keen on the whole covers night idea, but again, my doubts were quickly put to bed. Toxic and Bedshaped being my fav's. Toxic must be a b-side to one of the new singles, who'd have ever thought I'd get to hear Marillion play a Britney Spears song! "Pumbacat", Marillion Online Forum
it was absolutely mindblowingly fantastic! I had a belter of a time. Band were great, people were great, beer was great, food was great, everything was great! Roll on the next one. Ed Mundy, Sussex
Site:wonderful,and the weather certainly helped.....! Food: all was good for us, lots of it and nice areas to sit. Center Parcs staff: lovely, fabulously jolly chef in the buffet ... Tent:great too, good size, nice clean toilets, sound was fine where we were. Accommodation: No probs, clean, comfy, well equipped, and warm to go back to on cold nights. Roomies:Lovely, lovely people.....would be interested to know how you decided on pairing people up, 'cos you definitely got it right for us! We haven't stopped grinning since we got to the site on Friday night, and it has to be one of the happiest weekends of our lives. What I would also like to say, with total sincerity and no over-sentimentality at all, is that I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer LOVE that surrounds this most special band! Sheelagh and Alan Jones, UK
Good location, accommodation, etc, but most of all three great concerts, with Sunday night ranking as one of my all-time favourite Marillion gigs. The set list, lights and the band's rapport all shone through and helped make this Weekend the best one yet. Fabian Vinet, Gibraltar
That was definitely the best convention yet. I kept wondering why the atmosphere and vibe were so brilliant this time around and I think it was mainly due to the accommodation and staff at CenterParcs and the fact that we weren't sharing the site with "normal" people. I loved the fact that I could smile and say hello to anybody and everybody as I was walking past them. Vicki, Warwickshire
I don't know where to start! The best band in the world live 3 nights in a row. A fantastic venue, with very friendly & helpful staff. The best fans in the world. Great new friends from all over the world. Plentiful and good food and alcohol. Great accommodation. Brilliantly organised. Even the weather was good Drew Sutherland, UK
It was far and away the best Marillion Weekend yet; a great location, a great group of people, some great new music, and - on Sunday night - probably the best setlist the band have ever played...... But really, the family is what these weekends are all about, and I don't think I've ever laughed so hard, or hugged so many people, in such a relatively short space of time. I'm still quite genuinely moved by the whole experience, and I honestly feel sorry for everyone on the outside of the Marillion bubble. I'm not ashamed to admit I looked around during Neverland on Sunday, and had to choke back a tear: I mean, what a brilliant, brilliant thing to have in your life. Paul Rose, UK
BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more? Great location, great staff, very reasonable prices, excellent venue with a TERRIFIC lightshow, truly stellar shows and excellent support bands and activities. My first convention and it was absolutely 100% fantastic. Brilliantly organised, great venue with very friendly and helpful staff. Music - fantastic. Enjoyed all three sets and hats off to the guys for being able to perform such a range of stuff so well. Only one downside - after overdoing the partying I now appear to have a bad case of 'air guitar shoulder' Neil Fawcet,t UK
The Weekend was superb. The shows were outstanding. Hard to believe how much voice h had on the last night...! Truly incredible. The people were beyond beautiful. The whole shuttle bus and accommodation was excellent and hassle-free. It made the trip very easy for the distance and location. And the performance hall, sound and lights were excellent. ..."a purpose-built machine" Todd Dibell, Washington DC, USA
Speaking for a group of 6 of us who travelled from the US, all for their first convention: WOW! After looking forward to this for months, the entire experience exceeded our expectations. The music, the venue, the accommodations, the people, the electricity in the air, the organization and planning that went into it all... fantastic Mike Barlow, CT, USA
This was the first time I have ever seen the band play live. Living in Australia, with prospect of them ever touring down here, plus following them since 1983, I thought there was no choice but to finally follow my heart and venture to Amsterdam. And what a reward it was. From the first of the new songs right thru to the last encore of Hocus Pocus on the last night, I was in heaven. Seeing and hearing them play some of my fav tracks was just too much, coupled with this being with 3000 or so marillionheads all singing every song!! was like being not only at a family reunion, but some kind of special spiritual gathering. In addition I was able to attend the signing session which was a dream for me, then, I had true ecstasy with winning a lunch with the band, so here I was breaking bread with five men I have admired for many many years and being able to share thoughts about many different topics. This made the whole weekend a very special emotional time for me. Geoff Newbegin, Australia
We had a truly wonderful time and everything - the accommodation, the food, the shuttle, meeting the band, and especially the music (particularly for me the last night) - was brilliantly done and organised. It was an experience I know we'll never forget. Brendan and Margaret Doran, Ireland
Friday was amazing - the new songs sounded interesting and This Strange Engine left me completely speechless, what a start to the weekend. The rock disco was fun, and funny Saturday night was a lot of fun, some unexpected covers, songs I didn't know, fantastic "Swap the Band" performances, giant balloons and crazy bouncing. Sunday night for me is beyond words how good it was, I can throw all the usual "fantastic", "amazing", "incredible", "breathtaking" words at it, and it still doesn't come halfway to describing how good this night was. Extra big hoorays for The Invisible Man and Neverland - still give me goosebumps. I loved the fact it was just us Marillion people at the camp. We played pool to Marillion, shopped to Marillion, bowled to Marillion, ate our breakfast listening to Marillion, and wound down after the gigs to Marillion I mean how cool is that. Laura Warrick, UK