Message from the band :

Dear all,
We have been inundated with messages since Port Zelande, Wolverhampton and Montreal. This is to all who wrote their appreciation of our convention shows. 
We knew we'd raised the bar again with the production, the spectacular light show and movies, but it's so much more uplifting to be TOLD, and a relief to know that the many months in preparation had been well spent.
After all these years we're no spring-chickens so it's all the more wonderful to find ourselves being credited with such blistering form. And to find you so moved by the music.
Many many thanks for the emails. What we have here, is like feeling. But deeper. Lucky us.

h Steve Mark Pete Ian


Thank you to all the Web fanclubs from around the globe for volunteering to organize and run the raffle. In 2015 we raised more than at any previous Weekend – a massive €4000 to go to the Teenage Cancer Trust


I've just spent 2 weeks in the boring, ordinary, tawdry world following another unbelievable Marillion weekend living in a campsite in a not too far flung corner of Europe. I am still buzzing from the absolutely amazing show that you put on. Saturday and Sunday were especially brilliant in respect of all aspects of 'a show'. I have been a fan since the first album, which seems like a different lifetime ago, but I can honestly say that this was the best Marillion show I have ever seen. The light designers and staging people need special commendation and as for the main reason we were all there, the band, the music. I think an almost perfect selection and performance. You never fail to astound me chaps. I am watching Before First Light as we speak, and to see how much the Weekend shows have advanced is outstanding. You should be very proud of these latest shows, I really can't see how these are going to be bettered. Embrace the struggle, knowing that we are going to be there with you. Thank you for a wonderful weekend of music, fun and frolics. See you in Wolves
Gary Hume UK

I just personally want to say I am still on a high even a week after the convention, this was our first convention in Port Zelande having been to wolves in 2013. It was truly an amazing experience, from the time we arrived to the time we left. The whole atmosphere was unbelievable. We took a walk to the main stage on friday to here the sound check and heard 21st Century, we stood, listened with goosebumps. To represent the Channel Islands was such an honour and we have now been in contact with another guy here in Jersey who also went. ! I think we did Jersey proud with our flag flying high ! people kept coming up to us and giving us hugs! Then to have a stroll around the camp and see Mark and Pete cycling, its so unreal. I had a pic taken with H within an hour of being there.. I told him I was the Jersey one.. he replied "The money launderer" thanks Mr H ... !!!!!!!! Then to have another pic with Mr Rothery himself.. wow !! Thanks to all involved, to lucy and stephanie for all your hard work you are all truly amazing, even if you all made me cry several times all over the weekend. Keep doing what you do best and its great to be in this big family. See you in wolves, if my body has recovered.
Adele & Nigel Amy, Jersey

What can I say? I have now been to 4 conventions at PZ and just when I think the bar cannot possibly go any higher it rockets further up. You are amazing. You bring us all together every 2 years and the love is palpable. Each convention bonds get stronger and new bonds are formed. HUGE MASSIVE THANK YOU TO YOU. I had an awesome time. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to let me have my photo with you with (with Rob, John and the bear). Also to Lucy and Stephanie for arranging it. Much, much love and many many thanks "You provide the soul, the spark that drives me on Makes me something more than flesh and bone"
Lesley Holmes UK

It have been almost a 28 hours since I came back to Brazil, and I had so much time to think about what happened. I almost have no words and still don't know how to express how it changed my perspective. Sometimes I feel fear about achievements and love, just like the chorus of Genie song. What I really want say is that the Weekend was totally beyond, and tears are falling while I am typing this, because it was full of love and fraternity and fairy tales. Everything. The band, the concerts, the set list, the whole fantastic production on the stage (awesome), the fans. No one, no other band or fans can do the same, I really doubt that. What I lived changed my life. I have to say many thanks to all were involved, to all the ones who I smiled at, who I looked to, who I hugged, who I talked to. On Sunday, a special and lovely woman got the set list. We'd been trying since Friday, and I was so happy for her when it saw it in her hands. Suddenly she said: "Take it". I started to cry and said: "No, I can't, it’s not possible". She insisted, so generously. I saw in Port Zelande that Marillion fans are really like the songs they sing: they love, they carry fraternity, hope. We are the same. After this experience, I feel like my whole world has been made again. God bless Marillion, god bless Marillion fans.
Pamella Lima, Brazil

My first PZ experience was simply amazing. I need to thank everyone for making it a dream come true. The tent setup was impressive. I was concerned about wind on Saturday but the structure didn't budge a bit. The sound was just fantastic. The extra projection screens and computer graphics display was mesmerizing. It was the best show screen show I've seen since Roger Waters. I hope it can be condensed for the smaller Montreal show. I loved the extra stage screens at the bottom of Ian and Marks' riser. From the back the whole thing seemed seamless. WOW !! It elevated the show to a new level. Very professional and worth the expense. I didn't hear one complaint about the setlist like I imagined might happen. I think day 3 blew everyone away. I've always had a tender place for Warm Wet Circles. It was the only time I wished I was on the floor inside that energy bubble during the old song set. Swap the band was also the best I've ever seen. The quality of musicianship was outstanding. I was very impressed. Be sure to see another drum video entry from me in 2017. The trivia quiz and Q&A session had the whole crowd in stitches. So So funny! I can't wait for the DVD. It should be a great seller. I hope those extra events from Sunday can be included... So I guess you can say I had a great time... The food, service, chalets, shuttle, merch stand was well planned and setup. Can't wait for Montreal !!
Myke and Danielle Mitchell, USA

Wow, what an amazing weekend I've experienced along with my 3,000 friends at PZ. The production & light show was second to none, & the sets for the 3 nights were incredible. Special mention from me goes to King which you absolutely nailed......& subsequently made me cry!! Managed to get in the front row for the Sunday night, a first for me, & was blown away for the third night in a row. PZ is a very special place. Nothing warms the heart more than seeing friends from all over the world greeting each other with a warm embrace. It really does cheer the heart to see this. See you on the road & then back in PZ in 2017!
Ian Bacon, UK

Thank you for such a wonderful experience this weekend. It was my first time to PZ and I had heard so many good things about the previous events that I was really looking forward to it, and I have to say, the experience outperformed all of my expectations. The immersive nature of the whole schedule was brilliant. Loved the swap the band, the Q&A's and the Quiz (I was routing for you lot rather than the fans!). Great to be around so many likeminded people and I really enjoyed the vibe. Also really looking forward to receiving our copy of the photo that we had taken with you on the Saturday afternoon; I will treasure that forever. But to top it all off, there were three stunning performances from you. My high point was Saturday's Marbles rendition, with Neverland bringing me to tears at the end of the night. Well done. Everyone at work has been really interested in what went on at the weekend, and seemingly quite jealous that so many can have so much fun following a band that they love. I am so looking forward to Wolves which is not too far away (hopefully sufficient for you all to recuperate as needed). One final message. I realise that whilst you are obviously our focus as fans, the event itself takes incredible work from a large number of people. So please take this as thanks also to Lucy, Stephanie, all the other people involved in the organisation of the event, the people on the merch stand, the roadies, lighting & sound engineers, the camera crew from Toward Infinity, the builders of the tent and the Centre Parcs staff who all played a major part in making this an event to remember and one I now intend to repeat as often as you do!
Chris Hobbs, UK