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Marillion Weekend
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Marillion Weekend
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Marillion Weekend
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2009 Logo Marillion Weekend 2009 - April 3-5, Theatre L'Olympia, Canada

Many thanks to everyone who came to our North-American 3 night-weekend at the L'Olympia theatre. We've been inundated once again with email from you telling us what a blast you all had. We had a blast too. It was truly special to be back amongst you all after so many years and to meet so many people who had traveled in from other countries. Just as in Holland, we had our fair share of US citizens, South Americans and Europeans. I must say the noise coming back to the stage from the audience each night really was special and heartfelt. We all had tears in our eyes on more than one occasion so thank you all, for the emotion.

How we top our two weekends is hard to imagine at the moment. 

Hopefully, we'll think of something!.

Until then.. So long and Adieu.

H, Pete, Mark, Ian and Steve.

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2009 Logo Marillion Weekend 2009 - March 20-23, Port Zélande, Netherlands

Holy cow. What a vibe!
It's not very often I'm speechless, but today I'm close..
HUGE thanks to all who attended this year's Convention weekend in Port Zélande.

The band have never known anything quite like the atmosphere of affection, good humour, and raw energy you people seemed so happy to put together. We each did our level best to reflect it back to you and I hope each one of you could feel it.
"Awesome" is, I feel, an overused expression. But not on this occasion.
Thank you all so much. It was a truly beautiful 3 days and nights.
You get what you deserve.

One love

h, Ian, Mark, Pete, Steve

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2007 Logo Marillion Weekend 2007 - February 2-5, Port Zélande, Netherlands
A big "Thank You" for the best convention weekend to date. The band are as unanimous as the fans when we say it was a beautiful weekend in every way. If you were there, then many thanks for creating an unbelievable atmosphere three nights running. If you weren't there, well, you missed an amazing vibe and you'd be mad to miss the next one!
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2005 Logo Marillion Weekend 2005 - March 11-15, Minehead, England
Well. Was that fun or what?
As I said: It's always nice to have the family back together.. Huge thanks to all who attended Marillion Weekend 2005 at Minehead - my favourite so far. Never known a vibe like it (and that's against some very stiff opposition i.e. sky-high past-vibes). Most of you have written this week to say what a great time was had.. in fact, if emails were real mail, I wouldn't be able to get out from under the mail-bags to say any of this. Congratulations to all who got up and swapped the band. You were very good. And congratulations to the Cakey Boys for beating us in the quiz (bastards!).
The five of us still can't quite believe we managed to play for so long without forgetting any of it. I can't quite believe I can still talk and walk upright! 7 hours of music and 9 hours of autographs and chat.. not including an interview with The Independent.. AND (for the third time running) THE SUN SHONE!!
And now some statistics: 2700 people. No security. No backstage security. No trouble. Whatsoever. We salute you. You rock.
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2003 Logo Marillion Weekend 2003 - March 14-17, Minehead, England
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2002 Logo Marillion Weekend 2002 - April 5-7, Brean Sands, England
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