The Marillion Weekend 2013 - Canada will take place over 3 nights at the stunning Théâtre L'Olympia in Montréal. The concerts will feature a different show every night and will be based around the concerts that are taking place at the Marillion Weekend 2013 – Netherlands. The Canadian convention, however, will be different in that there are no structured outside activities planned apart from the evening concerts and we will not be providing any accommodation for attendees. However, we plan to get some great support bands along so it WILL be 3 solid nights of great musical entertainment!

Latest Montreal Weekend News Headlines

21 March 2013: Montréal weekend events at Brutopia

For those of you who are travelling to Montréal this weekend, here is a schedule of events happening over the weekend at 'Brutopia' which can be found at 1219 Rue Crescent, Montréal. For a map go to:

See you all in Montréal!

Thursday - 6pm pre-weekend meet & greet for the early arrival fans 2nd Floor of Brutopia has been reserved for us all to party the night away and catch up with old and new friends.

Friday - 1pm - Scripted and Kings (Marillion Tribute bands) pay tribute to 30 years of Marillion music with incredible performances taking the fans across the whole spectrum of Marillion.

Saturday - 2pm Eric Blackwood plus guests perform music from Edison's Children's debut album and more..

12 November 2012: Montreal weekend Support Bands

We are pleased to announce the Support bands for the Montreal Marillion Weekend 2013.
CLICK HERE for more details..

12 July 2012: Tickets

Tickets are now available for the Montreal weekend. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

27 April 2012: Information for Marillion Weekend 2013

Information on all 3 Marillion Weekends in 2013 is now available.