The Marillion Weekend 2015 - Canada will take place over 3 nights at the stunning Théâtre L'Olympia in Montréal. The concerts will feature a different show every night and will be based around the concerts that are taking place at the Marillion Weekend 2015 – Netherlands. The Canadian convention, however, will be different in that there are no structured outside activities planned apart from the evening concerts and we will not be providing any accommodation for attendees. However, we plan to get some great support bands along so it WILL be 3 solid nights of great musical entertainment!

Latest Montreal Weekend News Headlines

31 March 2015: Individual Day Tickets

Tickets for the individual days of the Marillion Weekend Montreal will be made available to buy from 1 April 2015.
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18 February 2015: Sunday Afternoon.

Details for the Sunday afternoon Q&A and Swap The Band posted to the Events page.
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29 January 2015: Fan Events.

Information on Fan Events that are happening over the weekend.
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23 January 2015: Showtimes Announced.

Information on the Showtimes for the Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights is now available on the events page,
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24 October 2014: Support Acts.

Details of the support acts performing at the Weekend in Montréal can be found on the events page. Click here for more information.

6 June 2014: Tickets on sale Monday 9 June.

Tickets will be available from 9.00am Canadian time on Monday.
Visit the Montreal weekend booking page for the link to buy tickets.

29 April 2014: weekend Website live

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